Friday, August 27, 2010

We made it to the beep beep

We made it to the alarm this morning with no frogs or dragons or snakes or playmobil figures tossed into bed with me.... but she did get immediately out of bed saying 'beep beep beep' So we went downstairs and got grapes and milk... her choices. She showed me her attempt at a headstand on the 'gymnastics mat' (a nap mat Mark picked up on clearance last year), and I tried to show her how to do a 'tripod' half headstand. She thought it was great but couldn't get her knees like that *ha*

Now she is building block towers to the moon again and fussing because the grapes are 'all gone' and she already licked the plate. I have to go to work again in an hour. They are changing the entire way things work again at the store -- and this way isn't going to work either.

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