Friday, August 06, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam Friday

When we were out buying groceries today the cashier asked if Esme was going to school this year. *blink* I think she meant preschool. But I asked her why she asked that and she said she thought Esme was older than she was. We weren't buying any school supplies, either - just food and household things (it's school supply time). Esme really has gotten tall lately, which is part of it. I think she is just going to be as tall as her daddy, perhaps, which would be tall for a girl! She was so happy she got an orange she was talking the cashier up about it and reading something off the produce sticker on it (a few letters I think). That might have been part of it, too. She is getting easier to understand and sounds older now because she is talking clearly.

She was drawing with her marker today and I was typing a letter to my mom to go with a set of photos I had printed. Esme and I traded places. I let her play on the word processor (with the size up to 72 so she could type and see big letters) - and I went to sit on the bed and read the letter for changes. Somewhere during that time I was handed back the pink marker, capped, and asked to put it away. ?? I came back to my computer and there is a little pink circle drawn in the bottom left hand corner of the LCD screen. I should have asked her about that - but I think she was already off to other things and it was washable. Sheesh! I really have to be more careful with leaving her unsupervised with those - and just be glad she was a good girl. Maybe I'll find something else later, though. HA.

Mark is downstairs frying up the chicken to freeze again. Esme is watching 'Secret of NIMH' and telling the mama mouse she did a good job making the 'box' fly (the cinder block that was their house). I hope she naps soon! We did a few things in town today that have needed doing for a while - oil change was a big one.


ElizabethEK said...

OOOhhhhhh. I loved that movie!! Did she like it? Was it OK? Or too scary?

RheLynn said...

She didn't like some parts of it - but she didn't cry, either. She was afraid when the tinkerer mouse fell off the ledge and the 'mama mouse' had to help him back up. And when the rat was chasing the mama mouse she wanted me to stop the fighting and forgot to actually watch pulling on my arm towards the tv. BAD MOUSE -oh, BAD RAT, NO FIGHT. Poor mumum okay? Finally the mama was safe so everything was ok.... But it was glorious when she was trying to help the mama mouse lift the box (arms up, pushing) and then told her she did a good job :)