Wednesday, August 25, 2010


was walking zombie yesterday - and still had to stay an hour later at work to put up unexpected heavy stuff.... slept in some this morning but not a lot. Esme wanted to be up at 6 am and Mark finally took her to have cereal at eight... tried to sleep some more till nine. Another long closing night tonight and then I'm on a 'turnaround' - which means going back the next morning 12 hours away from when I left the night before - and gradually coming in earlier and earlier until I'm the 'early shift' the day before I get off again. Whoever made up that idea for a 'regular' schedule was a misanthropist.

Later: Home from work, sounded off some at work - I think on fertile ears. Esme is happily playing blocks and block horsies with me and we need to go to bed soon. I was not quite as tired when I got to work as I thought I'd be - the extra hour of sleep this morning helped.

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