Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday night and 33 months update

Home from work and back early tomorrow. The sewing machine is now doing the opposite problem it was doing a week ago... and it is just too hot lately to mess much with it. I might drag myself over there to disassemble it and try to squirrel out the problem a bit later... I might not. I was handsewing the hexagons during a movie last night just for something easy to do that would not be something I would normally do with a machine. And I saw non foursquare hexagons on somebody's blog after finishing the wall around Eden by Joan Slonczewski, which has hexagonal fields and 'eyeglasses' and other hexagonal things.

I scored a light canvas weight curtain display the other day I am making some more hexagons out of, and would like to dig in my fabric for a light weight red canvas or medium weight cotton... I'm sure there is something in there just have to find where it is.

This morning before I went to work I printed out a lot of label words for Esme's teaset, fruitstand and sandwich toys and a few of her animals. I taped them to colored cardstock and we had some fun with those before I had to go to work. I just wish I would have 'bold ideas' like that some more than an hour before I have to leave in my vehicle, so we don't have to put it away just as we are having fun.

Right now Esme is begging to play with the remote control car but Daddy and I have told her it is asleep. In another year she won't believe us when we say things are asleep and can't be played with, or that they live on the toy store shelf so they have to go back with the others etc... but we're enjoying those 'fibs' while they last.

Some development notes: We measured Esme at 36 inches tall the other day. We haven't weighed her in a good while - but Grandma said she was over 30 lbs when she played on the scale at her house months ago. I'm sure she has gained weight since then. She is very solid, not spindly - and she has MUSCLES in her arms when she tries to pick up something big it is impressive. She is in a size 9-10 toddler shoe and I am still using 3-4 sewing patterns for her. She knows all of her alphabet letters (individually, still won't sing the song) and most of her numerals and all the 'regular' colors blue, red, orange, yellow (has trouble saying), purple, white, brown, green, black, pink. I haven't tried hard to teach her anything like gray or turquoise 'fancy' colors. I have heard her singing along with some CD songs in the car and the Muppet Show and Electric Company themes.

She walks around backwards for fun and swings on her swing by herself, hanging on tight (cross fingers). She swims well wearing her floatee life jacket. Most of the time she loves to tell pretend play stories with her animals and plastic dolls and their cars, dollhouse and etc.. We get attacked by fanged walruses and dinosaurs wanting lettuce sandwiches and sometimes her plastic dolls have a grape-stomping party in the crayon box where they all jump up and down and then pretend to eat the crayons. I have no idea what that is about, but it does make me laugh. I get stories about mama and daddy and little girl dolls going to town and to work, and to find grandma and grandpa dolls and plastic dogs and cats etc etc.. they have a very busy schedule, these dollhouse dolls. She also loves to draw with crayons and serve pretend food and stack towers and line up patterns of blocks on the floor.

She really knows what is going on in her shows now - and makes commentary like 'bye alien have a good day!' when the alien takes off in his ship. We often hear 'poor sheep' or 'poor dog' when she thinks someone has reason to be sad or is in pain/trouble on a tv show. She also tells the tv characters (like mama mouse in secret of nimh) that they do a good job when they accomplish something big. Her memory is still outstanding, remembering things about tv shows and town trips and other things that I have to think hard about. Her language has gotten so much better. She can say full sentences most everyone understands but sometimes I still need to translate some of her words, especially those with 'l' or 'm' in them or when she runs them together oddly (usual for her age!). An example is 'This (is) a purple sticker with EYES Daddy, it funny.' etc... She had gotten a purple silly face sticker from the lady at the bank and even I had to look back and realize she was saying 'with EYES' because it didn't seem to go with the sentence at first and it sounded like one word. Still calling me 'mumum' which I think she finds easier to say even than 'mama.'

Mark adds: We'll forget these things if we don't write them down - like the fact that she was ever such a good girl.. haha.. when she is crashing cars at age ten and blowing up the chemistry lab etc etc... Today while I was at work he was brought a pear and a pink pig and asked if the pink pig can eat the pear. He was also attacked by the walrus today and licked as if it was a puppy. Also at 7:15 he asked Esme to pick up all her toys so they would be 'pick up put away' when Mama got home from work. She did that - and then waited for me at the door expectantly, as if it would cause me to appear! I didn't actually get home until 7:45, and she got sad somewhere in there... but was happy when I got home and we immediately went for drink cups in the kitchen.

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