Wednesday, January 20, 2016


There was snow last night, but it was actually ice.  So, she was unhappy her snow storm wasn't something she could make snowballs out of.  That set us off on the wrong foot all day.

9    - Mankind ep "Speed"
10.15    - story discussion, reading her first draft
    - PE: 100x JJ, 10x 15lb deadlift, 50x bench

10:30 - --frustration/attitude adjustment-----counts as a break---
//There was a large motivation problem today as soon as she saw the writing assignment sheets.  She asked to type on the computer, instead of writing it by hand.  OK, yes - we can do that just fine.  But, then she sat with her head to her desk and said loudly I'm thinking! every other minute.  She had read through her story but didn't want to continue writing it - she came up with an ending during this time.  'There was a big war I was not in it from Esme.'  and she thought she could be done.  No.  I eventually told her that entire half hour was not being counted as school.. and the next one wouldn't be, either - if she didn't actually continue with her story in a logical manner.

11.00    - writing - She made two good paragraphs of sense on Monster Castle.  She moved the story along and was happy to do so once she realized it wasn't that hard.... her spelling is even getting pretty good.  She came up with a couple of words she knew but I had to help her spell - abandoned, ignition, fuel gauge etc.

12    - break, we made pizza and watched the first two episodes of Doctor Who (2005)  She likes it!

3:30 - Khan Math : 3rd grade math from 72 to 79% - they've rebooted and reorganized so her 89% went down to 72%... she didn't actually notice that.  But, she jumped the gun on a problem I was explaining and got the 'wrong answer' so she grumped terribly for the last twenty minutes.

4:10 - drawing invention plans for sewing X-Ray bird.
4:45 - making paper pattern with me from drawings, tracing pattern
5:00 - done

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