Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Limbo and Squirrels

10.15a    - PE: 100x JJ, 50x 15lb bench,  50x reverse sit ups
10.30    - 15min Multiplication Table (136/144, 94%)
10.45    - Limbo Frame project, measuring, planning, helping Daddy with construction.
11.30    - Limbo Skating
11.45    - break

1.30    - Writing: Squirrel Math Story Problem
So - Stuffy and Puffy are boy and girl squirrels (on a desert island).  They will live for five years and have ten babies per year.  Half of their babies will be girls.  The girl squirrels will have ten babies a year.  All squirrels live for five years, then they die.  After ten years, what will the population of this Squirrel Island be?

1.45    - solving squirrel math problem
There will be 120,864,960 squirrels at the end of the ten year period.  That's a very noisy place, Esme said.
2.30    - Geography worksheets
3.30    - break
5:30 - discussing math and showing off limbo frame
6:00 - done

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