Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mom notes

I had the weekend off, and we did some things.  Out in the yard this morning I helped Esme improve upon her leanto tipi.  I used old computer cords (networking cords) that were already in the yard and broken to weave in and out of the branches so they will stick together better.  The structure is pretty solid now.  We also took some of the bricks from the garden and made a pretend brick fireplace.  She found an old piece of grate shelving to put over the top of that, and we used a board on top of two other bits of log to make a table.  I found a rubber doormat the dogs had drug out in the yard a long time ago (which was a trick - because I couldn't find it way back then) and put it in front of her 'fireplace'.  She found some pieces of bark for plates and set the table.  Now she has a great pretend house.

After all of that we watched Jumanji together - she really watched it from start to finish.

I finished one of my baskets the other day, started cutting out squares for a quilt out of recycled stuff (old pillowcases, stained shirts etc.) and made two new pillowcases to replace the ones I was taking.  The herringbone fabric is grey on grey.  I've done some laundry and some cleaning.  As one of my friends says on FB often - 'I adulted for the day'. 

I did finally get to watch my calculus video - to help explain what they are doing in Math Girls about derivatives.  The teacher on the video is Keith Devlin of Stanford, and I remember his MOOC a few years ago I participated in really taught me what the logic symbols (union, etc.) meant and had me thinking.  Esme was starting to go through her preschool then, and times became hectic, so I never finished out the course.

Esme has some goals for this week - watch some Engineering videos, spend some more time on her Indian House, and find out why crabs walk sideways - is it in their DNA?

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