Monday, January 25, 2016


9:30am - drawing diagram of squirrel bird
9:45am - writing description of squirrel bird out by hand
10:15am - lunch break
11:00am - writing description cont. and dictionary use
11:30am - //continue writing assignment untimed
--------------She was taking so long to write so little I told her she would have to produce two pages of material no matter how long it took.

her diagram of the bird squirrel

1 - games and lessons / Keyboard Ninja and lesson set #1
1:30 - break
2:00 - science  videos: Crash Course Kids :  Series 1 and 2, Food and Resources
2:15 - Geography quiz/copywork at map
3:00 - Big History Project Units 2 and 3 (Stars and Elements)
3:15 - .5 mile walk / tossing football on the way back home
3:30 - break

                                                          snarling while typing her paper out
I'm being a tiger, ok?

4:00 - Khan Math 3rd grade to 87%
4:30 - write-up on computer
-----------typing same two pages.. until done (which was a while after 5, but counting her done then)
5:00p - done

Prototype I made of the x-ray bird, with a pocket for it's brain in the back of its head
It also has a little pouch inside it's mouth but it can't swallow anything too large - unlike the hippo we had made a while back that could eat other toys and blocks.  Esme wants me to make a bigger one.

//She did some extra work on her cat castle.. adding boxes and a 'calendar'.  She didn't get to play on the big computer (Steam games) tonight because of her lagging behind today on the assignment .. but she did play on my computer for a bit while I worked on one of my baskets.   And no staying up 'late'... right to bed at 9:30.  We'll see if that has any effect for tomorrow.

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