Tuesday, January 12, 2016


9:30 - science videos, magnetism and matter
10a  - cardboard project, sword and shield

10:45 - Spacetime Episode, more shield painting
11:15 - Minecraft Spring Wood (her new city name, based on the images she painted on her shield)

12:30 - revision of Monster Castle, talking about plot
// Oh the grump.  We got past the revision after about ten minutes, most of which was grump.  Then we went on to making more content.  I asked her questions, went over the story...we got another few pages out of it.
1:30 - break

2:30 - discussion of What are Equations for?
3:30 - break
This is so hard.  She can do equations - she can understand how to get the answers.  She isn't quite grabbing why we make equations, what they are for - how to use an equation to find out information - WHY it is important.  We talked about it over about ten different scenarios.  I did more calculations and had her go step through with me.  I asked her to make an equation -and she made a multiple choice question.  It was a good one!  But.. not an equation.  We will keep working on this.  I know it is not an instantaneous type thing.

3:45 - Mankind The Story of Us : Survivors
4:30 - done

I updated the timeline after dinner. 
We're watching the Martian.
Esme isn't watching it very much...

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