Monday, January 04, 2016

Back to Homeschool

We had initially said she would start back on the 5th, which is tomorrow - but she was really expecting to go back 'Monday'... and even had recommendations the past few days of what she should do when she started doing school again.

11.15    - Calendar creation
//Some very good artwork, creative pictures for every month of the paper printed calendar.

12.30    - PE: 100x JJ, 50x 10lb bench, 50x rev. situp
12.45    - electronics; examining faulty USB battery pack
1p    - break

2p    - writing: What I did for Christmas 2015
2.15    - minecraft
3p    - Vocabulary words review; multiplication table
3.15    - break

4.45    - spanish / Duolingo
//She requested a few days ago if we could continue with some Spanish.
5p    - video: Nova "Dogs Decoded"
6p    - done

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