Monday, January 11, 2016


Esme's book went on sale on Amazon last night!  I hope she'll continue with the second one she said she would make about the same character.  She worked pretty hard on it, especially the illustrations, and I learned a lot getting it from raw material to publication.

Today we started with a writing assignment:

9:30a - writing assignment: 'brainstorming word association', 2 lined pages of  'Monster Castle'

goofing off with a Santa Hat during her writing time

//tomorrow I'll have her read over what she wrote, think about paragraphs, capitalization and punctuation - and I'm not sure if I'll get more content out of her after that-- but we did discuss it a bit today - elaborate on your characters, tell me something that is great - but if you don't write it down it is lost etc.

 Chompy the dinosaur contemplates learning to write
I wrote a little start to a story, too - while she wrote hers.

11a   - reading: Droon #5 The Great Ice Battle Chapters 3 through 10.

//The books were due back to the library today.  We usually crunch a book like this in three sittings or maybe four - at night, before bed.  But we read almost this entire book in one sitting - three to four pages each in rotation.  She was a bit upset halfway through - and then got over it and pushed through, especially because there was a snowball fight in the book and she loves snowballs.

12:30 - ManKind the Story of Us: Plague.  // Lots of discussion during this.  History is a little brutal.
2p    - library : We picked up two more fairy books, another Droon and a few others.

2:30p - done

// Mom Notes //
It's been a productive day - got new books, finished the new dress I started yesterday for Esme.  It had some things in it I needed to learn.  I'll post on that another day.  And I finished up my knitting project.  It's ready.  Esme worked on her project, too - and it is very pretty.  I'm halfway through the Death Cure (part of the Maze Runner series).  I'd had it on ebook hold for a while, now.  I didn't check any paper books out of the library for me specifically - a preview of a Percy Jackson thing I might read with Esme...  I only got halfway through the last paper book 'for me' before electronic books coming available on my wish list led me astray.  I'll check it out again in a few weeks, maybe.  Or I'll read Last Legends of Earth again.  I'm getting nostalgic for that, too.

Writing:  This morning I worked out a few scenes from a dream I had - but not for the Magpie book.  I'm waiting for a day I feel is right to type it all out from start to finish and nip the edges off it again.  In the meantime, work on a few other little things here and there.  I might need to string up something to weave after a bit, too - there was a metal frame in my dream and I was trying to choose between warping it up for a loom or making a drawing board out of it.  It could have been either.  I remember stating to no one in particular in the dream I needed to set up a weaving frame, a big drawing board table AND a sewing area and have all three open all the time.  But there just isn't space for that in real life. Says something to me, though.

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