Saturday, January 02, 2016

Simplicity 6824


It's been four years since I bought this pattern, thinking - the size 7s aren't that far away...since I was sewing size 6s then.  Well, we're finally there *ha* but maybe a bit beyond.  Esme is eight, now - but her measurements aren't far off from this pattern.  I did have to add an inch and a half to the shirt sleeve for comfort that she wouldn't grow out of the shirt tomorrow.  

in size 7, shirt without collar
The pattern is from 1974.

I made view 1 long sleeved shirt, but did not do the collar.  I have this thing I do with facing and turning over the front edge into a collar-like creature.  Esme said the shirt looked like a blazer, to her.  She had wanted the heart buttons on I think the watermelon backpack project - but they really didn't fit or have any purpose there.  So, she was happy when I said this was a project they could work in.

I finished it last night and she wore it to bed like a pajama shirt.  I promised her I can make a pair of pink cotton pants to go with it and maybe she can even wear it at a sleepover later this year.

If I made another one I'd make the tails a little longer.  The nice thing about shirts is that if they fit well in the breast and armhole areas - you can alter the length of sleeve and front as much as you want.

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