Tuesday, January 26, 2016


  It's still cold out there - but the snow is gone.
I made this simple black crocheted hat the other day... it works fine :)

The attitude was a bit better today, due to what she missed last night and also because it was the first thing we talked about this morning - when we could get done if she didn't fuss.. vs. when we got done yesterday.  It also helped that she had already done the writing assignment ... She didn't like the handwriting book -- it is so easy (material) but so long (actually writing what it asks)...  She did get it done and paged through the Waldo book a bit for the last five or six minutes of that session.

10:00 - reading aloud Droon book #6, Sleeping Giant of Goll : three chapters
10:30 - Harcourt Language : Sentences pg 31-49 // handwriting, exercises
11:00 - Crash Course Series :
               'Spheres' (geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere) and Food Chains/webs
11:30 - break

11:45 - Khan Math : 3rd grade to 91%
12:15 - 2nd grade spelling 37, 38
12:30 - break

12:45 - .5 mi walk to mailbox and playing frisbee
1:00p - Minecraft : building house and garden, furnishing house and taking screenshots
2:30 - done

I built most of the house while she worked on the fountain garden.  She added a 'cooked beef' stand out side and lots of villagers, as well as some decorations inside and the vines in front of the boat docks.

This was all hers.
She deleted the fountain a few times but finally put it back.

and the house needed a dog.

Out with the frisbee.  She found a rock and we talked about fossils we used to find and where they had come from.  She said this rock was very large and I should take a picture of it.

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