Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Snowpocalypse

   We had snowball fights!

I had at least four layers on up top and two layers of pants!
I was lucky enough the thrift shop pair from when I got stranded in Duluth so long ago was four sizes bigger - it worked perfectly as a pair of snow pants :)

 The snow was the deepest right at the woodpile.
 Esme tracks all the way up the road
 Daddy came out to play too, briefly - he was very cold.
 and the sled did not work as properly as we had hoped.. for the second day in a row.
 documentary footage of the glare ice!  It will probably be slush by tomorrow
if the temperature goes up to 38 as they say it will.
 We measured a couple of places and it was 3 to 4 inches over most of the yard and in the truck bed.  By the woodpile it was six inches deep.

Also, Esme's hair went up in a nice bun after a warm bath, chicken soup and hot bread.  Now she is back to playing Skyrim.

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