Thursday, January 21, 2016


9a    - Mankind ep "New Frontiers"
10a    - helping Daddy fix the fence, .5 mi walk
10:15 - break for lunch
11:15 - engineering toy fishing rod and 'baitbox'
//She begged for a half hour of this, promising she would do her math work without fuss.  She delivered -- joking a lot during the math but no headdesking.

11:45 - Geography quiz/copywork at map
12:00 - Math : Progress in Mathematics pg.90, addition and subtraction word problems
12:15 - Khan 3rd grade math to 83#
12:45 - break

1:15 - Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima, history videos
2:30 - done

//The 'Mankind' episode spoke about us dropping the atomic bomb, but did not go into any reasoning for it.  Esme was focused on this - why would we do something so destructive.  I found a series of videos showing the attack, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's war speech and description of the war we joined in Europe - and then also the full description of Hiroshima (National Geographic Explorers) -- including radiation sickness.. why we have tried so hard all over the world to never do it again.

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