Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Non Parade

We have a dog named Columbus...but we couldn't get Esme to walk him on parade.  Spud came to town with us, instead.  We had given Esme the day off of school, as the local district also had it as a day off.  She had a nice sleepover with Grandma, and spent a lot of time playing games on the new tablet that is sort of  pre-birthday, part clearance-deal and Mark's way that we can all use one if we need to now and she won't be hogging the only one for the entire day. 

We watched Nanny McPhee Returns, and the Secret of Moonacre, from Grandma's Netflix.  They were both quite good.  Esme enjoyed the first one quite a bit.  I've been reading more : Sarah Prineas' Magic Thief series, and more Septimus Heap, and a few others thrown in there.  Tomorrow is school, again.  Since Esme got to go to the roller rink on Saturday, I reminded her that she can't just fall off into bad attitude now that she doesn't have a special thing planned for the end of the week - or we will doublethink next time she asks for a special outing etc.  She was slipping into one tonight while I was reading with her - after she begged for me to read because I had spent an hour or more playing a Farm game that Mark downloaded to the tablet and she had already tried and not thought very interesting. It was a bit of jealousy...she didn't like the tables turned when I am playing a game that she doesn't like (Stray cat simulator and Goat simulator on her part) for a long time. 

We are almost done with Hiccup, though, book one.
I work all this week.  It might be a long one.

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