Thursday, October 29, 2015


8.30a    - Spelling (through #11 2nd grade) and English irregular past tense on IXL
9.15a    - break

9.30a    - research: Roman clothing and daily life, food and architecture (bath house, amphitheater, coliseum)
We used History for Kids website and she learned a few things she didn't know.  We looked up mosaics the Romans had in their houses, and statues of dogs from Roman times.
10.15a    - break

11:15a  - Minecraft Romans
//She built some of the architecture she saw in the Romans information.
(I'll post some screenshots later that we took- she built a few arches, a pool and a garden with a sundial)

12.15    - math : visual division and more piggybank math.
--3 worksheets, dividing using a number line, dividing using groups and also another of the sheets where they tell you how many coins, the total, and ask you to work out which coins were used.  The numberline was the hardest for her...she had trouble deciding what they wanted her to show ie: 4 groups of 2 or 2 groups of 4, they're both 8, Mom...what does it matter which I show?  Especially, as she already knew the answer easily and just wanted to go on to the next problem. 

1p    - Rome ep 4 "Forest of Death" Veras and the defeat in Germania.  Caesar Augustus and Tiberius.  The rise and downfall of Arminius.

2p    - done - I finished all my paperwork today!  Homeschool is fun, kind of... *heh*

//We had a theatre party to go to in town, free showing of a Halloween movie.  Esme had a great time with two of her friends.  In the car and at home tonight she was telling me a lot about both division and the Romans today off and on relating what she had learned.  

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