Thursday, October 08, 2015


8a    - dragon city
8.45    - multiplication table (12x12)

9.45    - break

11a    - excersize outdoors (.5mi run, 50x 10lb deadlift, 10 squats)
11.30    - rock tumbler setup
12p    - break

12.15    - video: Egyptian Engineering
//She said there were lots of Pharoahs, and one Pharoah wanted to build a dream house, for after he was dead.  We put the date on the timeline with a picture of the Pyramids.  One Pharoah was eaten by a hippopotamus.  She said Imhotep built things for the Pharoahs.
1.45    - done

//6pm - She is building a dragon temple with columns made of some cardboard tubes I brought home from work.  She says it is like the Egyptian tombs, but not a tomb - it is a dragon temple for Violet and Bumpy.  They seem to like it very much.

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