Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday week 9

8a    - dragon city; new game reports
9a    - PE, 200x jumping jacks, 50x rvs situp, 50 situp, 50x 10lb
      bench press, 10x 20lb bench
9.45    - outside: constructing acorn storage bucket that can be pulled up with the pulley system and tied out of reach of the goat.  She collected acorns and practiced putting them in the bucket and pulling it up and tying it off.
10.45    - break

11.30    - washing and building out water dish from a new dish and the old one's water feeder valve
12    - outside exploration
12.30p    - break

4.30p    - America: Story of Us ep 4: "Division"
Discussions about slavery and the changing roles of working women, abolition, Abraham Lincoln and the start of the Civil War.  I stopped the film many times to answer questions and talk about issues.
5.45p    - done

We have the Tale of Desperaux she really really wants to watch.
//We are getting close to the end of How to Train Your Dragon book one which we have been reading before bed, a chapter at a time.  She is getting a lot more of the big words and her rhythm and understanding are much better than at the beginning of the school year.

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