Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Brain

7:30    - Documentary: Inside the Brain + discussions
9.15    - .5mi walk
9.30    - Khan math
----multiplication through 4s (need more practice), mastery challenges, perimeter and graph reading
----3rd grade to 25%
10.30    - reading aloud: How To Train Your Dragon
----we finished the book, in time for the due date tomorrow
11:00   - reading book: Just in Case
11.15    - goegraphy review
11:30   - done

//She has begged us daily for some new simulator about falcons, because she wants to fly.  We did get it today- on condition she shapes up a bit more. Math was tough today, but she got through it.  She hates so much to use the scratchpad for borrowing and carrying...but makes mistakes when she doesn't.  So she has despairs about it when she sees she will need to borrow.

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