Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday explorations

giant spider web 

9    - dragon city
9.30a    - game research: writing summaries on two games she tried.
10.30    - excersize outside 100x jumping jacks, 30x 10lb deadlift
      50x 10lb bicurls, .25mi run, rope climbing
11    - microscope exploration - dog hair, tomato section, acorns, rocks, flowers
11.30    - break

12p    - multiplication table: 1-12 x 1-6
12.30    - quadcopter flying
12.45    - break

3.30    - giant spiderweb construction
4p    - break

5.45    - quadcopter flying
6p    - quadcopter cleaning - taking apart with jeweler's screwdrivers, cleaning the rotors, putting back together, flies again!
6.15p    - done

She had today with I had to work early.  We had talked about her being 'very good' to go somewhere fun on Saturday.  She asked to go somewhere specific and I told her she would have to be 'almost an angel' to get that this close to her birthday when we were saving money for that...  Tonight when I get home from work she said 'I was good today...was it enough to say I was an angel, or was it just good?'  *heh*  Nice try.... one day is all fine and good, keep going for the rest of the week ;)  Am I turning into a cynic?

Mom Notes //I'm reading Math Girls by Hiroshi Yuki in tandem with Palimpest (beautiful language....hard for me to read at times, but still entrancing visual images).  I took an hour or so tonight to reacquaint myself with sin and cos so I could figure out what they were talking about in the omega waltz section!  And yes, I'm still teed off at Miruka for knocking Tetra out of the chair, too...maybe they get on better terms?

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