Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Monday Tuesday

 I had a couple of oddly scheduled days, and after the weekend Monday night was gone before I knew it...and an early Tuesday shift after that.  Esme and Daddy have been busy at home and I've done a little with her each night when I get home.  I have a late shift tomorrow so we can do some things before I have to go in.  And - Halloween plans are shaping up. Looks like we'll have several events to go to :)

8.15    - researching games and writing about them
9a    - free reading: Alice in Wonderland, pg 1-40
9.30a    - break

11.15a    - art
11.30a    - G&T workbook: capitalization, adjectives
11.45    - workbook: number flower
12p    - .5mi walk, pulling 40lb wagon
12.30p    - break

1p    - chess app lesson
--She said she got down to 'he had two pieces and I had one - so he won, but he only had two pieces left!'
1.30p    - break

6.30p    - khan math, English worksheets, geography quiz
----Khan 3rd grade math to 33%.  We have a lot of review and multiplication drills to go over, though - before we can progress too much further.  We will be getting fraction towers next month to use with that idea and explore that in more depth, as well.

7:15 - reading aloud : Volcano palace by Tony Abbott (finished)
7.45    - done

//She cleaned her room tonight, aiming to make it 'more grown up looking.'  She started writing in a diary she found and was making very good progress with her thoughts and trying to spell phonetically on the ones she was unsure of.  This is really big progress.

8a    - school of dragons
9    - new game: "Crystal city 2"
10a    - writing: report on new game
10.15    - multiplication table
11a    - break

11.30a    - canned goods inventory; sorting by date
12p    - .5mi walk
12.30p    - break

7.30p    - Nova: Lightning
//She said she learned that lightning causes more deaths each year than tornadoes.  Also, in the U.S. the most lightning strikes happen in Florida, so she is glad we don't live in Florida.  She was surprised about not standing near a tree in a storm, and about the lightning being a branched bolt with several directions not just one line.
8.30p    - done

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