Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We had another dental appointment this morning, so  we started late.

12p    - Grade Spelling: (we are up to list #6 on 2nd grade) + 2 definition exercises
---IXL English exercise on making 'ed' form words
12.30    - break

12.45    - Rome ep 3: "Julius Caesar"
1.30p    - seed research, ordering this year's seeds, organizing her greenhouse folder from last year
We compared prices at several places, did research, had her read reviews on one company that looked cheap but the customers were complaining about the seeds etc.  We finally found a company selling what both of us wanted to grow this year, in good quantity, and made an order.   Her order was for Alderman blue petunias.

//Some new shirts came in the mail about this time, and she tried them on.  Daddy and I reconstructed a bookcase for her school books that had broken on one level.  She found several books on Eagles in the books I was sorting and started to read of her own volition, finishing two whole books in the time we were working.
2.30    - reading: Eagles and Eagles World

3p    - minecraft
4.30    - math worksheet : division and piggy bank math
5p    - done

Notes:  Esme is eating snow pea pods, carrots, whole baby corn and water chestnuts.  Not bad for vegetables considering her track record.  We've had several talks about nutrition and she has been trying new things.  I had her do a very simple reading level test and she came out somewhere between 4th and 5th grade level, missing one out of ten and then  two out of ten on each list.  She couldn't do even half of the words on the 6th grade list.  I've been having her read tops 4th grade level  or LEXILE 600-800 books so this makes a lot of sense.

This is her finished Halloween costume for the Theatre Party tomorrow, and for trick-or-treating.

Reading: We've been reading 'Hidden Staircase and Magic Carpet' the first book of Droon by Tony Abbot... we had started somewhere in the middle of the series and are now reading the first few books.  We had Misty of Chincoteague checked out,but I think it will have to be at a later date sort of thing... continue with the series while she likes them.  Saw a recommendation for Diane Duane's magician series to remember to check out.  I'm reading the Wildwood series by Colin Meloy and just started reading Hoot (Carl Hiaasen), which I read the first chapter to Esme at the dentist today to keep her from working herself up about the dentist chair while she was waiting for the dentist to come in.

I'm trying to finish an old stuffed toy pattern in time for next week... it just needs some legs and features, and lots of teeth :)  The day of the big '8' is coming up soon.

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