Monday, October 05, 2015

Cosmos and Vampire Dragon Monday

speckled three, all in a pile 
from top clockwise, Freckles, Lucy and Hunter
8    - dragon city
8.45    - break

9    - Cosmos (1980) ep 1 and discussions
---She said that the man spoke in poetry.  She was very interested in much of it.  We also talked about the gaining and loss of scientific knowledge throughout time (Library of Alexandria).  She said she would go to the place where they didn't know or care about science and math and use boxes and balls to prove to them that 3 x 3 is 9.   Then, when they saw it for themselves, they would want to learn more.

We discussed the 'big idea' of calculating the circumference of the Earth so long ago - 2200 years - and how the math worked when he was showing the props of the obelisks in Egypt.  //note- need to cover 'degrees' soon..she kind of got my hand gestures to show what they meant.. but it would be good to go over it in reality -and even maybe measure a sundial outside.
10:15   - break

10.30    - dino digger app.  Really cool, and after you find all the bones it puts them together in video for you from bones to an articulated skeleton, covers it with muscles and skin, and lets you see the creature walk with a pronunciation of the name and more.

11.15    - writing assignment and dictionary use: vampire dragon.  She added lots of details and made a picture.  We went over the capitalization before I let be entirely done.  But, she is writing - dragons are a good topic for her creativity.

12.30    - break - shopping at grocery store and at Lowes (we found clearance pulleys to make a clothesline with!)  Daddy just couldn't wait to get it put together and working!

We still have some Khan math (at least a half hour) to do for the day, Spaghetti Pie to help make for dinner and a new Percy Jackson movie to watch tonight.  I was going to point out on the map where the Library of Alexandria used to be so she identified with it a little bit more. I'd like her to read some more How to Train your Dragon with me tonight.  We made a list of 'to do' today instead of just counting four hours (because she loves to linger over the writing and take up more than an hour doing just that).. and those are the only two things we haven't done yet.

4:45-5:15 - Practiced about eight skills on Khan 3rd grade math.  Perimeter, area, fractions and rounding.She is 10,000 points away from unlocking her 100,000 point avatars.

Mom notes:  I finished reading the Maze Runner, and the Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making.  I've downloaded Palimpest (online library card rocks still...awesome) to read next as everything else is out (don't like the waiting, but hey it is free and emails me when it comes back available).  // Have went through Netflix's history documentaries and added things on Japan, Rome, Egypt, the Mayans, Dark Ages Europe and Knights to Esme's history lineup.  We have more of the 'Life in Cold Blood' series coming, and a docu about the brain as well.   We do need to do a timeline soon - and we will have so much to relate finally on it that I think it will be a good thing now versus before.  She has been asking me when 'the year 1' was, what BC and AD mean and comparing the dates she is hearing in the Universe documentaries trying to do math on them.  

Peering into the Future : She asked me what the word 'geek' meant, and I told her it was a name that people called smart people to mean it wasn't good to be smart.  I said it originally meant someone who was really good at something odd .. and that sometimes people were scared of them for being that good at an odd thing.  She said we shouldn't be scared of the smart people, we should ask them questions so we can learn from them.  And then, when we grow up, we won't be dumb and live in a dump because we don't know things and can't do anything.  I related that to why we were homeschooling her- because we wanted to make sure she knew things they wouldn't or couldn't teach in public school right now.  And that she would have to keep working to know the important things, her entire life.  She said she would, definitely...  I said I would have to remind her of that when she was a teenager and she found everything hard and didn't want to work just play all day long.  She said I would need to remind her of that when she was 11, and every two years after that, because she might forget otherwise.

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