Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Goat mmo simulator: Portal to riches: Android version

by EML, age 7

I went to every place in goat mmo simulator and no demon. 
I looked in Old Goat Mountain.  I found the old goat and no demon.  In Android version, there was a blue portal near a tent.  I went in and I was in a stone room. It wasn't fair to send me on a quest to get a demon horn. I couldn't find the demon. The portal to riches isn't true.

If we find out more at a later date, we will update this post. If you can help answer this question, please leave a comment below.

update: by EML age 8
I did find the answer.  I was looking in the wrong place, or I missed it the first time.  On Garblage Beach, there is a blacksmith place, near the gold hammer statue.  On the right of it is the demon horn - no one has it, it is just laying there.  When you find it, go back to Dumbledore and give it to him.  And the portal of riches quest is done.

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