Sunday, October 18, 2015

bits and pieces

Sinus headache hit me hard this weekend- just when I finally get a day off.  The stiff problem with my one foot was a really good reason to want to just sit for the day...but the sinus headache means nausea and headache and can't sleep, can't read etc etc....  I ended up cutting off three inches of my hair again... and a big dose of Alka Selzer, and then we went to town for some supplies.

Esme had wanted me to make a watermelon backpack pillow she had drawn a picture of.  We bought some backing fabric and ribbon for it at the store.  Onion rings and some spicy soup allowed me to sleep once we got home.  After crashing for a serious nap we watched San Andreas (the movie) and I made the pillow.  It didn't turn out half-bad.  It could double as a Halloween costume this year, actually...with a crocheted green hat to match.  I can probably pull that off in time.

Reading : In the Night Garden by Valente.  Wow.  The tapestry of stories is still spinning in my head, as she weaves them in and around and back through themselves as she it all ends up being the same characters although you were sure the cast was larger as you were reading it at first, it all ties up into the same small handful of people-- you just didn't know the 'King' was that father AND also the son from the other story, and the brother of the princess in the other story, and the evil wizard is the same guy all through his life young and old etc etc.... I'm really only halfway through it and it is spinning.  I wouldn't doubt if she ran some more threads through the second half here... we'll see.

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