Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Dinosaur Vendor

9a     - English worksheet, types of sentences +IXL practice
--------We practiced the sentence types again on IXL
9:15   - Balancing equations worksheet + MATIFIC
---------We did work on fractions and also on weighing unknown items and using them to solve questions
9:40   - Vending machine project
10.45  - break

This is the Jurassic World vending machine, by Dinosaur Miracle Inc.  It costs 1 cent to get a dinosaur from the shelves inside.

11.15a - geography review
---We've started studying the Near East, Middle East and Balkans area

11.30a - free reading: alice in wonderland -- She got to the part about the caterpillar and the pig baby.
12.15  - .5mi walk
12.30  - PE, 150x jumping jacks, walking w/ 12lb weight
12.45  - art: drawing the outside world
1p     - break

2p     - tablet: weather app, google earth exploration
2.45p  - done

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