Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday dentist

10a    - dentist
--The dentist showed her all the tools and materials they would be using, and discussed how the fillings grow hard under the light.  She asked LOTS of questions, got a filling and a silver crown.
11    - Library
11.30    - break

12.30    - documentary: Rome  : The Barbarian Wars episode
-----------We also discussed that American forms of government were based on the Roman tradition in some ways, and understanding the Romans and what they did right and wrong were an important part of our own history - and warnings to watch out for in our future government as well.
1.30    - break

2.45p    - outside; frisbee, 1 mile walk
---We walked to the lake, made observations of insects, the water going down with the recent drought, plants, seeds, rocks etc.  She saw a massively large grasshopper with purple legs with white spots on them.  She had thought it was a tiny bird flying and wouldn't believe that had been a grasshopper until I had her come up close to see it on a bush branch.  We also saw deer tracks and skipped rocks across the lake.

3.30p    - new app: oscilab (music creation and visualization software)
4p    - sentence ordering (, 2 sessions

4.15    - done

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