Tuesday, May 15, 2012

home now off tomorrow

I'm home again now, and off tomorrow. My mom is better than I was told - she went to get some medicine from the doctor and is feeling slightly better. She is seeing a specialist because her pneumonia has lasted so long. I may have a stuffed deer to show in pictures tomorrow - I have been working at the new pattern and sewing the prototype. Esme is excited about it and wants me to be done sewing on him so he will have eyes and 'not ow with needle'. Esme also has school tomorrow, so I need to do all of her hair washing and brushing tonight for tomorrow, and laundry... and packing her bag. It is her last official day tomorrow I think... and then there is a form to fill out for the summer program, which is twice a week.

I am looking forward to a few days off...but I sense tomorrow will be busy and long and the real rest will not come until after that.

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