Monday, May 21, 2012

cabbage (and the rest of the garden, too)

Those two foot across cabbages are beginning to have edible size heads on them. The outer leaves are full of 'wildlife' but after taking off five or six leaves (twice as big as this) we are left with what looks a lot like the size of cabbages seen at the local supermarket!

a head of cabbage fresh from the garden

cabbage and apple recipe
I think I will make this out of half of my produce - and give the other half of the head to Grandma to do what she wants! There will be more coming, so we will have to look up how to make sauerkraut.

The green cabbage by itself is a substitution.. .but that is what we have this week. The red will be a bit later. I substituted white wine vinegar for the white vinegar, and added a little apple juice to the mixture as well. We will see how my subs turned out in about an hour.

There are small summer squash, zucchini and pattypan squashes coming on nearly all of the plants. I have a hubbard fruit started of the Blue Hubbard variety. The corn has not yet tasselled out. The tomatoes are huge but none of them are red or yellow yet. We have mint, basil, oregano and lemon basil. The dill is half-size and fragrant. The carrots are doing well. Blue sweet corn is about six inches tall. Zinnias and cosmos are beginning to flower!

The green beans (Mayflower and King of the Early) are producing lots of green beans for the size plants they are. Many of the other beans are starting to flower but they are to be dry beans, so I will not be picking them. For a future note - the King of the Early bean flowers yellow and white mixtures of flowers. The Bosnian bean has whitish flowers very similar to Mayflower. Lina Sisco and pinto are dry bean plants that have whitish flowers. The dragon's lingerie and shackamaxon beans have purple flowers although the shackamaxon are not blooming yet. There are Jeminez and Maria Amazalitei beans left to record. The Kenearly beans, Pawnee shell and Tennessee Greasy are yet to flower.

I cut my hand at work today and there was a lot of blood. I did well in not passing out! I sought out the person I know is on the 'rescue squad' for the county and he helped me get it under control without stitches, as it was just slightly too deep for 'no worries' and just slightly too shallow for 'ER'... we will see how that turns out, as well. I did not let it stop me from knitting on the tank top I'm working on, although it makes everything slower when I cannot bend that thumb... it is bandaged in such a way as to prevent bending it and keeping the wound shut.

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Linda ladeewolf said...

Esme has grown so much, four years old now! Where did the time go? You sound so busy. Keeping up with a little one can be a exhausting, you seem to thrive on it, I don't think I could do it anymore.