Thursday, May 31, 2012

cardboard storage

A little better than where it was before...
Which was underneath a mile of cloth and paper
hard to find or get to...

Esme saying to Daddy not to interrupt her as she was 'just typing' at her checkwriter

Putting paper in the shelves

Scissors, tape, construction paper - and voila, two storage containers

I cleaned the workshop some last night - it was stacked about six feet high above the table with 'things'... I had also brought some cardboard boxes home from work and went to making them 'useful'. Each one has three compartments - so I knew there was something to be made from them.

I'll let you see what the whole space will look like in a day or so - I really want to get back into making more things and need to keep a nice open space to do so.

pictures courtesy of Mark, thanks :)

other: Esme has said a few things last night and this morning that really shows me she is progressing. Last night: 'It is all my fault. I am mad at not read three stories.' This morning while I am urging her to wash her hands before eating: 'Which hand do you want Mama, this one, or this one? haha. I'm funny.' She really wants 'more' lately, again. She is playing all sorts of pretends, video game, and having arguments and long disagreements of logic etc.., which are only slightly different - but do have a distinction.

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Ladeewolf said...

I am cleaning my sewing room too, I keep working on it but it never gets finished.