Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Esme is bursting out all over the place. She had a bath and was 'throwing letters' to me back and forth. She had said she was 'gone' while hiding - so I said 'don't forget to write', which started it. The last letter I "threw" her said 'We will miss you. signed Mom and Dad' and she said 'Ahh.. what a nice letter - oh no! The cat peed on it! ARRGGH CAT! (throw away).' What a character.

She told Dad she was 'just reading a book' and didn't want supper. Mark commented to me that she has graduated from asking him 'what is that' about his books to 'What word is that?' and 'What word that say?' etc etc. He has seen her trying to sound out words before she asks him what it says. When I named her Sims characters for her the other day she was sounding things out some, too.

She washed her hair for school tomorrow and for once in forever - she didn't demand to go to school right then and there once she was dressed. She said it was dark time outside, and she would have to go to sleep, and have it be light time, and then go to school with kids at 8 o clock. YAY! cheers I've been waiting for that!

I weeded the garden and planted the 'pink' popcorn today in the places the red popcorn had not filled out well. It is actually lavendar and tan kernels in the package. We will see what we get. We have flowers on the bush beans and the peppers, and golf-ball sized green tomatoes, as well!

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