Friday, May 18, 2012

Simplicity 7371

Simplicity 7371, circa 1967
girls size 6
I made view 3, top left corner.

Posing on the tractor with a very dirty face and disheveled hair.
She had just been in the sandbox!

from the side - it is hard to get her to sit still today!

I stitched this up last night with the Singer Heavy Duty - very easy, less than two hour job for everything prior to the buttonholes. The thing that was best was that the facings first joined together, then joined to the garment and then were just topstitched over once they were turned inside-out. It made for very easy finishing.

The pattern asked for 1.75 yards of fabric - but when we were in Murray I had only bought a yard of this koi goldfish fabric. I shortened the sleeves a little and also the width of the back at the side edges an inch on either side. This made the entire garment fit in a yard of fabric. What would have been the inside facings on the front pieces I cut from another piece of fabric and joined - which worked really well to help make the pattern fit on the yard.

Esme's reaction: She had seen the picture and saw it was for night - she would wear it to bed. She still wants sleeping bed shoes, but that will be later. She said it was slightly too big - and I said she would grow into it. She interpreted that the shirt was FOR growing and she would eat a lot of food, then wear it to bed and GROW and in the morning she would be big enough to throw cars around. She was disappointed in the morning that she was still little - maybe she had not eaten enough food? I tried to explain she would be growing in little bits, over time, like the baby kittens. She still thinks the shirt is for growing and really likes it ;) She also wondered if she slept in our big bed with the shirt on if she would grow faster than sleeping in her little bed.

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