Friday, May 04, 2012

a bit better

Esme seems a bit better this morning.  She is still coughing.  She was sweating quite a bit last night and I changed her clothes to keep her dry, added a warming blanket on her legs so she would not get cold like the night before.  The wide differences between cold and hot were worrying me quite a bit.  She has not had more tylenol but seems to be doing well without it.  She had her antibiotic and a decent amount of cereal.  She played outside some with her plastic deer in a puddle, watched me weed a little in the garden and walked me to the lake and back - would not admit that she was tired and cried a lot when we got back.  I convinced her in and made her happier with new socks *roll eyes* she had not seen yet.  She wanted a balloon to follow her, but wanted it to fly - she meant she wanted to put a small weight on it to keep it halfway airborne so it would wander around the room.  That is a trick Mark taught her.  I also had to draw a giraffe on it.  It popped after she stuck it with a pipe cleaner she was bouncing it around with... but she took that well and said 'I told you so Mama, now I have to throw it in the trash.'  You told me what?  It was your idea and now it popped!  *ha*  Now she is watching a cartoon and eating a popsicle.  She told me the grape flavor was 'strawberry coffee' and she wanted a banana one instead because strawberry coffee is for mamas.  The garden needs a lot more weeding - things are doing well out there.  Our volunteer tomatoes are half as big as the storebought ones.  Hopefully Esme will continue to improve over the next few days and I will get more time to keep the garden in good condition.  I need to clean in the house more, too - I did some power cleaning last night to calm my nerves, but there is a lot more to do.

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