Wednesday, May 30, 2012

bits of content

Half or more of our corn fell down in the drenching down rain the other day. We don't know if it will stand back up on its own. I feel I am facing some unrealistic goals at work... don't know where to take that. Esme's indoor garden marigolds have begun to spring up. I spent several hours cleaning my workshop table tonight when I got home from work. I found my glasses - which I have not worn in over a year but had begun to miss. I called my mom and talked to my sister for a moment online. *whoosh* I watched Esme play PORTAL on Daddy's computer and she was amazing - it was a controlled room Mark built for her to experiment in - and she loved it. I could just see the gears running in her head as she played with the different elements. She argued HARD not to go to bed and to keep playing.

I am working more on the outline for the crafting book I want to write. It will take a lot of work, photography and finished objects to make it possible. But, I think it would be a good contribution to the craft book world, as well, for the approach that it will take. There is a children's math book I want to write, as well. I need more information on how to do things in the publishing world.... but mostly I just need to get the drawings and text all done so it can be presentable.

Mark and I have been talking a lot when I finally get home from work at night - and Esme has been fairly good about it. She would really rather we play, though -- and doesn't know what all this seriousness is about different businesses and things we all may need to sort in the weeks ahead. I'd say for a four year old she is doing quite well with the idea. She has still been on her reading kick a little - I got a few recommendations for books from my parenting group and they were very good ones.

Morris the Moose (sees a cow, goes to the circus, goes to school). She has these but I have misplaced most of them. Danny and the Dinosaur (again, we have it, misplaced), Moncure books like 'play with a and t' (we have) and the Biscuit book series which we do not have but would be a good one to start her on. There are at least four small easy-read books I made for her a year or more ago that would be reproducible and good to think about publishing as well.

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