Sunday, May 06, 2012

A long week for little girl and for us

This has been a long and stressful week with strep and a four year old.  But it might become easier now?  Esme seems to be getting better and has not given me more scares in the temperature department.  I did not write on here about it - but Wednesday Esme gave me a terrible scare in the bath when she had a momentary shock reaction to the change in temperature.  Later that night she sweated so much she actually got cold and was shivering and had white cold feet.  A bath followed by wrapping up in blankets and sleep brought her temp back up then - and then she was feverish again in a few hours.  With these I watched her so very closely from that point on knowing that this fever was going up and down so quickly.  And she is so much smaller than us it effects her much more.  Also, she does not tell me if she is cold or hot, or tells me the opposite - and I still have to physically check to really see how she is.  One of those nights I was checking her every few hours, waking up before the alarm I had set nearly every time just because I was worried about her.  I checked her several times again last night and she was stable each time.  She was sweating some, but not enough to make her wet and cold as long as she kept her blanket on.

She ate a plate of food yesterday, apples and chicken, and said 'Mama, I eat it and it not hard, it is good!'  And she didn't throw up.  That will help a lot if she is hungry and eating again.  I was getting worried there for a few days when spoonfuls of yogurt and a small chunk of chicken were 'Mama I'm full I don't want to (puke).'  Daddy seems a little down in the weather right now as well - I hope Grandma and Grandpa are not feeling likewise.

I worked a half-day yesterday because I was just so tired from being up and checking on her two nights in a row.. it had caught up to me and my brain was working 'on the back half'.  ie: I was able to answer questions but it took me a long time and it felt like I was translating everything from left-to-right in order to arrive at the conclusion.  I was dialing fax numbers instead of phone numbers when they were both right in front of me, and was not finding my words very well, or at least, the words I was finding were nonsense, or mixes of the foreign languages I know with English that would not have been very comprehensible to those around me.  

Other things Esme has said to me lately:
'I be the happier in the whole wide world you come with me to the big town and I come with you be at work!'
This child build a castle.  I no have a castle.  Can you build this child castle? (referring to the box).
'All at the same time' has been showing up in her conversation.  I can't repeat how she uses it yet - but she gets very excited about all the things she wants to do, names them in order, then at the end tacks on 'And it is all at the same time and we are happy!' or something like that.
'Mama I had a dream, of green juice and medicine and I helped Grandma to put a sheet on the bed at her house, let's go, let's help Grandma at the white house and get green juice!.'

I've been out to the garden and it is a scary thing!  Things have jumped a whole foot of growth 'while I've been gone.'  Everything needs weeding - as the weeds are a foot high, as well.  The peppers and the tomatoes have flowers.  The cabbages are about two feet across.  The pole beans need poles and the corn needs thinning.  Now if it will dry out some without the sun being beating down on my back - and Esme is truly better - I will have to get some work done out there.

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