Monday, May 14, 2012

So this is Monday

Very busy (and tired) lately. I really don't remember where the last few days went - including Mother's Day, because I worked a 'split shift' that day and had a very tedious policy meeting at work. Maybe it will make some good changes.. probably not. But it made for a long day and a short night. Esme told me 'I don't want to have to miss you, I woke up from sleeping on the bed and you were lost, and the car was lost, I don't want you to be lost and miss you' or something very similar to that in the morning before I left. She still tells me not to get eaten by the brown bears when I am leaving and she thinks it will be dark when I return. She never got up from her nap during the time I was home later - except for a brief second she sat up in the bed and looked at me, and went back to sleep. My mom is sick in her bed with pneumonia in Minnesota and I was not able to get her on the phone... I don't know if it is bad or if she is just tired... she has had bronchitis all winter and has sounded the same for months on the phone.

We have a few visible beans in the garden, and green tomatoes, and a possible squash blossom. Several of the beans are climbing whatever they can find and need a fence. I have a pair of pants nearly made for Esme from this morning, and am working more on my knit blanket.

I do have to say that Esme is still bursting out all over the place. Before I went to work she was pointing out the window and told me that she needed a toy there. I kept asking what the 'toy' was, a bucket, a bottle .. she kept saying NO MAMA it is a toy. Then she said: 'A Tuh - WYE - OH - WYE, a TOY. Mama. It is like the TOY.' I followed her fingers and she was pointing to our hexagonal unfinished porch frame. It looks like the wheel gear toy in her toybox.. and I knew what she meant. But still. Wow. Mama had a hard time with that one, but she knew what she wanted to say. Daddy had a similar instance the other day when she was telling him about a bell that should not be wet, people don't like it. It was a small brass bell I have told her (3 months ago) she could not bring into the bathtub with her as a toy. She had not even mentioned she was thinking about a bath - just that people don't like bells to be wet No No No, they do not .. .they do not.' ((oh my)) I've been told a lot of other things, and asked questions - like why I left cat fabric on top of my sewing machine instead of it be pants this morning. That was a good question. And she got very mad I would not help her find her squinkie dolls (tiny things!) after she left them in her room somewhere.

work again tomorrow... lots to do... hope nana is alright in Minnesota.

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