Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day, and we will be visiting Grandma and remembering Grandpa today. But, as I work retail, it does not feel like it is a holiday - we really don't get holidays off so they just feel like a break in the insanity if it perchance, like today, happens to fall on our regular day off.

Esme wanted LOTS of things today. She wanted to go to Jackson to the bookstore. She wanted to go to school. She wanted me to dial Grandma on the phone and wake her up early in the morning. And although I usually make things for her on my day off - I had some plans for things for the house today. I made two pillowcases for our bed with an airy light cotton I found at the store yesterday. Esme wanted to give me the bag of stuffing to make them into pillows. Then she wanted them for her bed, but then she was happy enough because she saw how pretty they were on ours. She brought me her pillow and asked for me to 'fix' the star on a part of the fabric print that had been sewn in a seam. She was unhappy I could not fix it. And then I made a sunhat, for me, for outside in the garden. She wanted that, too... poor kid. I probably will make her one but she didn't like hers last year and they are admittedly one of the more difficult pieces I've sewn from scratch.

We went to visit Grandma and she played and was almost very good... but did throw a bit of a tantrum. She fell asleep here at home after a meal of leftover pizza and juice. I went and watered Grandma's hillside garden. Now it is time to sit down and rest for a bit - unless something else comes to mind to make.

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