Friday, May 11, 2012

Singer Heavy Duty and garden update

Heavy Duty Singer machine
We traveled yesterday to Murray and picked up a new Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine. It would have cost a third of the amount just to have the old one looked at, which was nearly what I had paid for it in the first place. It had lasted over four years - so... it was time for a new one. We did get some money for it in trade-in, and the lady showed me how to use this machine before we left. It does not shake like the Advance did when I am sewing - which was something I had grown accustomed to. It does collect a lot more static and dust, but it has more metal than plastic in it. Take the good part of that with the bad etc...

Esme asleep in her bed.
She was quite tired after all of the running around yesterday.

One of the things she said while we were in town was that we were feeding the truck 'banana gas' - because the station we stopped at had yellow pumps and red ones and green ones. We chose a yellow tank. I had to listen closely to get what she meant about that one. She was very talkative yesterday. At the sewing shop she told me that Daddy was 'getting to me he is anoising at me' - because Daddy wanted her to slow down and not run around. She said she was 'mad face' at him and he was 'laugh face' at her so it was annoying. Hearing this new 'spurt' stage she is going through is very funny for us right now! This morning when she did wake up I told her to put on her shoes because downstairs was cold. She said she would go on the porch because it was warm out there. Then she came back inside after a moment and put on her shoes and said she would go downstairs because she had to use the bathroom - and then go back outside because it was warm out there. And I just nodded along and said 'uh huh....' then she went into a whole description of everywhere we went yesterday and all that we did - and on to her plans for today 'take ride to walmart' and 'paint castle'. The castle is what she did with the box and styrofoam from the sewing machine packaging. I told her I was not painting styrofoam - and she is pretty mad and sulking at me about that. She wants to paint the castle with the new pink paint we bought (for paper) last week. This morning when I was getting her cereal ready she told me 'Mom, I think that is not enough. It needs to be here and up and up.' That was different for me -but I did give her another cup and she was happy. She did call the rice crispies 'peanuts' though - said she had eaten them yesterday and wanted to eat them again today.

prototype dress
I didn't finish all of the inside because it was so late last night - but it should do well this summer.


Here are the updated pictures of the garden. The west field has corn about 4 inches high and the fenced garden has monstrous plants! The bed here by the cabbages was planted with carrots. I did NOT plant tomatoes in it. All of those are volunteers from last year's yellow tomatoes.

fenced garden

west field

I intend to plant one more time down here in the west field - and that should be the last succession. There are squash plants doing well beyond this corn and two successions of corn here, three rows each.

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