Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Much NO

I'm drawing a line when it is 'Too much NO' - no three times to coming in from outside, no to having a bath with duckies and bubbles, no no no no no...

I asked: 'really no duckies?'
Esme: 'no duckies.'
I asked: 'really no bubbles?'
Esme: 'no bubbles.'
I said: 'You are coming in. It's dark out here. Come on...'
Esme: 'Nope.. nope... (wander off a bit further)'

So.... Mumum hauled her in (crying no no no no get down) and downstairs to give her a shower (explaining she had said 'no' to bubbles when she demanded I fill the tub). I saw some 'oh no' recognition when I said that. Esme said NO bubbles, NO duckies, so.. No bubbles and No duckies - we go upstairs now.

I put her into pajamas and still saying 'no no no get down' and I said if she could calm down by the time I got her pajamas on her she didn't have to go to bed right then - 'no no no no' OK. Too much NO. You're going to bed. I put her in bed and she flops on her pillow and puts her feet under her blanket and doesn't say another word. Asleep within three minutes!

We'll see if that has any effect on her attitude tomorrow! I've had 'too much' of the 'no no no's. She doesn't refuse to listen to everything - she is still a pretty good girl, but she has been giving many more casual 'no' and 'nope' to things she doesn't want to do and thinks she can get away with not doing like coming for a bath, finishing her food, going to bed, picking up her toys, getting ready to leave Grandma's etc... and Mumum is going to get a bit more hard-nosed about it.

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