Saturday, September 04, 2010

Then there came a little bird...

I've been handed a pretend birdie tonight that ate a strawberry and flew away and came back - and then she put it in a box and it became three birdies and all three of them were on my knee and Daddy tried to take one downstairs and we hear 'Come back with my birdie!' She handed me quite a few 'empty' things that she told me was something tonight - including 'another baby kitty' she went and found behind a table after her first baby kitty (real) was in the box and she wanted a second one to put in there.

She asked if I was a Mumum Simpson tonight after watching the Mumum and Daddy and Boy simpsons.... and I tried to introduce her last name to her because of it. No I am a Mumum Lamb, and this is your Daddy Lamb, and you are Esme Lamb. She said some of it and that she was right.. but it is going to take a bit longer to reinforce it.

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