Thursday, September 02, 2010

like a dying ostrich with the croup

I'm coughing about that much, and exactly how you might picture that - or perhaps a seal falling over on a wet deck and sloshing around a little. *ha* I have to keep my sense of humor up! I get tomorrow off but going to try to make it today - as they have 'big plans' they want to get finished. That is why I stayed longer yesterday than I really should have - and have to cut that time off of today. I'm getting sick pay for the day and a half I did take off this week, I hope. I didn't think a day and a half qualifies but an employee who has been there longer says they tell you that because they don't want you to try to use it - to 'save it up for later when you need it' etc because most people abuse it... I put in for it and I'll probably hear something if they decide against it etc... I was at the meeting for my sales level yesterday and everyone there thought I was about to die - using my rootbeer bottle as an ice pack. I told them I can look like I'm about to die here - there are no customers.. I have to save my strength ;)

Esme has been wonderful this morning. She came downstairs with me after a very perky hello. She told me her drink cup was VERY heavy and made a big deal about handing me this empty drink cup as if it weighed 50 lbs. That made me smirk. She said a few other things this morning that were both 'more complete' and/or subtle - but I can't remember them atm. Then she cooperated fully with changing her clothes and going down for breakfast. Esme coughed some drinking her first drink of the day - but she still isn't running a fever and I haven't seen any more nose drainage from her. She played with the cats like usual in the middle of breakfast - capturing not only the baby kitten but also Ninja in a clothes hamper and dragging them around the kitchen. They were dis amused by the idea.. but not truly frantic. I think they thought as long as they had each other in there it couldn't get too bad. There was a lot of 'pet pet' kitty and 'you're a good kitty' and 'kitty bite tail!' as they were playing with each other in there. I think Ninja was both proud of herself and also wondering what she got herself into at the same time.

Esme finished her cereal, picked out her own shirt and helped me put it on - and now is watching 'Putty Tat' Sylvester and Tweety. I'm coughing every few minutes and producing much yuck... but at least the cats are still in their skins and relatively calm about it. I didn't even wake anyone up last night coughing so I guess it isn't too bad yet.

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ElizabethEK said...

I hope you feel better and that work goes OK. I didn't see this post when I commented on Facebook. If you can make it through today, you can rest tomorrow!!