Friday, September 24, 2010

asleep kid

This was the other day. Mark snapped the shot when I was at work, to show me when I got home. Yes, we have changed her out of those clothes since then - but there are days we have the camera snapping all day and then days we go without snapping a single shot. Que sera, sera. I did think it was really cute :) She has been asleep tonight after a long trip with Grandpa and Daddy today. They had to go pick up something that Grandpa ordered in the truck. She ate lots of donuts and 'chicken leg' on the way there and back and was entirely passed out when I got home. Mama always feels a little odd when she is asleep when I get home. First thing, I know she will wake up sometime in the middle of the night. Second thing, I wonder how to get her back to sleep early enough for me to sleep for the next day's work! YEEP!

We watched 101 Dalmations last night rented from Netflix. She loved it. She stayed up until midnight engrossed in it. She loved it when the mommy dog and the daddy dog found all the babies and she said 'They saved! yay!' when the collie came and pulled them all in from walking in the snow and they ate food and slept. She has surprised me with the concept of being 'saved' - she understands when someone is in trouble or in danger and they are helped by someone else. I was astounded to see her say 'they saved' to the screen all by herself.. really I was. She was so excited about that. And when the mom and dad were surrounded by puppies she said 'awww they so CUTE, all the puppies, SO CUTE, mumum doggie and daddy doggie and lots of puppies they FOUND them they are SO CUTE.' etc etc... Her language is just getting more and more complex lately again - I can't even explain the subtle changes we've been hearing, and with syntax that often is 'upside-down'. Example: "Mumum no go work you STAY COME HOME." And more and more, she sounds EXACTLY like me when she is saying 'no' about something. It is the same tone of voice, same spacing of words.. like a tape recorder in a tiny toddler voice. She even makes some of my exact same faces. HOW? And once in a while she will do the same thing but a take on Mark - something he says like 'refill your cup' or a thing with her eyebrows. It is amazing to me ;)

I cannot wait for Sunday off.

Other NOTE: My dreams have been so crazy lately - SNOW, so many of the dreams have been about snow it is not even funny. Driving in it, walking in it, getting lost in it.. having it come into buildings where I am. I think I'm terrified about getting stuck in it again this year. And last night I dreamt of cooking potato gnocchi and strawberry creme fraiche... ??? I have no clue where even those names came from. I must have been hungry. I could never cook such things, and couldn't in the dream either. I didn't even have a recipe and was trying to figure it all out in some 'test.'

There was something very 'deep' the cooking teacher (who was someone close to me) in the dream said - If I were to put it in babelfish it is closest to 'trésor dans le plus petit des herbes'- the treasure is in the smallest of herbs/crumbs.... that part was about life - not about cooking... it had a deep impact on me when I woke up.

Also, it is strange, in my dreams nobody really truly 'talks' - they speak in my mind, in written words... because I do NOT know how to pronounce that sentence, or even the word 'gnocchi' or the word 'fraiche' - but they were all spelled out in my memory in the dream. What is that about? I 'see' words in my sleep, instead of hear them *haha again*

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