Tuesday, September 14, 2010

school info

I got some info about school for Esme from our banker today... she said to talk to our Dr. Carter about it. I wouldn't have thought to talk to him about schooling, but she said he was really involved with the school system around here. I'll have to look into that! She was also slightly 'eek' about what school Esme was slated into by address... she said she would try for any other one, if it was her situation. Hmm...

I went to the local college to talk about schooling for ME, as well. I got info about online courses to extend my bachelor of science into a masters of education. It looks like most of the classes can be done entirely from home - and then once the basic classes are done they do student teaching in the local school district and all the tests to get certified etc. They have good recommendations from the Board of Education and also from a teacher I had talked to before about Esme. If I can get the application information all filled out (letters of reference, financial aid etc etc. and a 500 word essay etc.) it might be something I could be rolling on this January or March. I'm working a bit into the future there - their next semester actually begins in October but I know I won't be ready for that one!

I also stopped by Robertson's decorating again on the way home. *hide* It is a candy store for me! I found some very very soft woollens for very cheap and Esme immediately asked to wear one when she felt it here at home. I told her I would have to make something of it, and she cried :( Maybe I can make her a blanket or a winter coat out of that really soft one. The other one is to replace a throw blanket I have from wayback that Mark finds very scratchy. He says the new choice might not bother his elbows as much where he has severely dry skin.

LATER: Esme went to see Grandma and had a good time. I am increasingly glad she isn't fragile - as she had a catlike fall up there and landed perfectly on all fours -- knee bruises at the very most. I was impressed! She was very very unhappy to leave - and Grandma saw 'the ugly side' of two years old *ha* - but at the same time I only had to threaten to pick her up upside-down by her pant-loops. I didn't actually have to do it. She listened and came out to the truck with us. She made a huge screeching fuss just until we actually pulled out of the driveway and then quieted and sat there sniffling on the very short drive home. Then at home I corralled her out of the truck and along the path until she got to the door - where Daddy saw the mess of tears and carried her upside-down to the bathtub. I gave her the bath which she did enjoy immensely - with lots of bubbles and freedom to play until the time had run out. Daddy came and agreed with Mumum that it was time - and she had to get out. She very reluctantly got out, used her potty like a good girl, then came upstairs and picked out the new shirt Grandma gave her and some shorts. After she was dressed she had another blowup about staying in her bed. 'I want to play! No bed! Out Get Down! etc. etc.'... it's 10 o'clock and you have been up since 7 am with no nap. Go to bed little one! We put on the Princess Bride (which she thought was French Fries for some reason.. and was upset about that, too) - and after a few minutes crying and screaming she stopped and started talking to the characters, cheering them on and giving them advice. *roll eyes* And she has been sitting in her bed mostly quiet ever since that momemt...watching intently and making small comments here and there.

I will repeat what I say often.. we have an odd kid.. but I like her ;)

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