Friday, September 17, 2010

Mama the tailor (ramblings from the sewing of toddler clothes)

I know I'm in the minority, but it makes more sense to me to measure a child and make clothes for them than for a company to make twelve thousand of a certain item in a certain size and then try to find children to fit them. And I do understand that by automating clothing they become a lot cheaper... but they also become lower quality or 'all alike'... so I am continuing to be 'Mama the tailor' for as long as I can keep up with it. It isn't easy! She just keeps growing *wink* and she's not easy at all on the clothes themselves. I wouldn't expect her to be - and I wash them hard, too - so what isn't stained or torn is faded from overwashing! I was looking for something for Esme to wear to the bank this morning and it was slim pickings. The recently made green shirt was about the only one that was in really 'nice' condition - and she wore that last time they saw us *hmm*.... I was lucky it was colder out in the morning so I found one of her long sleeved raglan tops.

And so, I need to start another round of clothes and separate quite a few more of what she already has into different sets.

And *growl* another local WM stopped selling fabric. The few like-minded ladies at work were complaining about it. Now we are down to one - and they keep threatening to stop. I've been told of two new family businesses selling fabric in the area - but both are very hard for me to get to. I'm on the fence whether I should visit one tomorrow on my day off or sew a few new items for Esme in that time from what I have. I picked up another yard of pink fabric for Esme tonight with butterflies on it. That was from the one local WM that IS still carrying fabric. I think she'll love the 'flutterbugs.' Also I was given about five pounds of buttons from someone at work - so many little delicate pink ones in them... they gave me more influence to make another pink dress or a lightweight pink jacket.

I also got some more brown thread for sewing Esme's woollen jacket, which is cut out but I was almost out of brown thread and really didn't want to compromise to red.

Also: My friend Melanie says it is not just a good idea for kids - but she wants to be measured and sewn for, too! haha. I've made myself a few things this past year that I still wear often, but almost always at home. Finishing adult clothes just seems a lot harder - more people pay attention to the details etc.... and they require more fabric, and more ironing! And I know I'm a sewing geek -- today I was staring at my manager's sleeve and commented to her that the little gathering of darts there at the short sleeve cuff was really pretty. Secretly I wanted to take that cuff apart and look at the way it was made. Ha! So - when you are staring at or following people around trying to figure out how that dart is made or that sleeve is cut etc.. maybe you are a sewing geek ;) I know so many people think I am staring at their collars really hard, too, but don't have any idea why!

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ElizabethEK said...

I agree with all! The stuff that you have made for us has been nicer and lasted longer than anything we have bought. And it looks better - Emily loves it!