Thursday, September 09, 2010

toddler napzone!

napzone achieved! I'm working on a pair of slippers and have half of a pink dress / top made for Esme that was started yesterday. I did make kangaroos out of it before :) There are white sleeves cut out for it, too. She has finally collapsed and taken a nap, after begging piteously for ice cream and fish sticks for about fifteen minutes after already consuming orange juice, two chicken legs, a cookie AND a piece of pizza.

She's really needed to take a nap both of these days - and refused it up to the last minute. Mark said she thinks if she takes a nap Mom will go to work and not be here when she wakes up... :( Some days it's tough being a toddler - I am thinking! Plus it is all rainy and cold outside and dark....

Her wooden blocks came at the post office today, and I am definitely saving them for her birthday. She saw me open the box but only got two out of it - and then they went on a high shelf. It was Ebay - so I had to open it to verify :)

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