Saturday, March 10, 2012

getting there

I finally get the day off tomorrow... getting there has been tough. Esme seems to be feeling quite a bit better - not all the way yet. She is running around the house with her Sherlock hat on and purple clogs, playing alligator games. She has been busying herself in Minecraft putting colored wool all over the outsides of the houses that I had already built, and playing with my rail system. Mark said she wanted to make a new launch point for the rail system the other day and went back to my 'bakery' (I put a cake in there and materials so she could 'bake') to pick a button out of the chest there. Buttons 'start' minecarts but only if there are powered rails attached to them underneath. That is sort of a complicated step. She had gotten the blocks built around the rail area and put the button on a block - but had not hooked it up with two extra steps. She had her character sitting in a minecart (which she had to place) at the spot and was furiously pushing the button when Mark realized what she had done/was trying to do and got her the other two parts to complete the idea. She was happily riding around the system for a while the other day. I haven't had much energy to do much in there except see what she has done each time. And, I still have not sewn any new clothes for her. Maybe tomorrow.

//after work. Daddy bought the Lion King for Esme on sale - she watched it and liked it very much. I am working on the sleeves for her new blue cardigan sweater. She is noticeably outgrowing the one from last year and I have been so slow to finish the new one. On the sewing agenda are some more pairs of pants and probably another few 'basic' type tieback dresses. I should make another pair of my own house pants again. Esme asked me yesterday when I got home from work and had changed out of work jeans into a pair of drawstring calico pants - 'Mama, you put on REAL pants! You are home!' HAHA. I really wish that was the truth that the drawstring pants were the 'proper attire.' They show her point of view quite well - she likes it when I am home ;)

I had to explain going to work again this morning as well. She keeps wanting me to tell them 'no' and stay home. I explained firing - 'No, no... not real fire. They just point at me and say 'Go away and do not come back, we don't want you here. AND we get no more money for groceries.' She thought about that for a moment - let go of my leg and said 'OK, Mama. You go to work. I will hold the door for you and kiss and hug.' What a turanabout. She is also getting much more understandable - lots of phrases I am hearing 'complete' for the first time. I will have to try to record some of them as I hear them.

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