Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sarvis blooms

The sarvis trees are blooming. We should mark them soon so we save them in the next brush clearing. We always enjoy seeing them 'start spring' with their white flowers. The dogwoods are 'maybe another week or two away', Mark thinks. We took a short walk out in the world today to look at them.

Esme with a sarvis cluster

Misha came with us. She had found a 'treasure' a deer hunter left in the woods somewhere near our house and was galloping around like a puppy.

Some of them have a tinge of pink

Esme watching Daddy look at the dogwood buds.
The contrast was dark - but her expression was wonderful.

Skittering around out by the hydrant

We planted a rose bush out here on Esme's first day of preschool - it is getting leaves, so we may get roses this summer?

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