Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Esme is at school and we are home. We both agree it is very odd not to be looking for her every few minutes and seeing what she is up to. Her puppy is quite distressed, has been checking the truck and the road and looking into the house again. She has coonhound in her, so she is vocal about the displeasure. Daddy will pick her up later from school, but I will need to work late tonight. My headache had persisted for a day and a half - so I got out the scissors again and cut my hair short. At that point, I was willing to try it - as I had been thinking of cutting it for a week or so and two peppermint baths, sinus medication and a myriad of other things had not worked. The sinus medication just gives me hives :( but I was willing to try it. The haircut worked if not let enough time go by for the other things to kick in. The headache is nearly gone. Esme held the sides of my head this morning and looked at the hair in the trash can and said 'it was all yucky stuff, no more long is now short!'. She kissed me on the forehead and I felt beautiful. :)

She was so happy to go to school she nearly jumped out of bed. That was a feat, as she had stayed up much too late watching Daddy kill dragons on his game. Mama was in no condition to argue, either. I did struggle with her earlier in the night to get her hair washed - she only melted down a tiny bit right at the end where the soap was still in the front of her hair and she would not let me pour water over it - and would not do it herself, either. She finally did, but cried for about five minutes about it even after it was all done. *sigh* at least I don't have to hold her down and wash it anymore! She lets me pull the soap through and wash it well but then that last front bit of hair she doesn't want the water in her face. Poor kid. We all have our hangups, and water in the eyes/nose is definitely hers.

Spring is happening everywhere outside. There are redbuds blooming, daffodils, baby's breath, sarvis, pear trees and the very beginning of dogwood buds. Grandma has some tiny blue bulb flowers growing in her garden as well - I forget what they are called.

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