Saturday, March 17, 2012

The universe continues to surprise me...

A very unique piece of rock
(on a porch chair Ninja cat tore the upholstery off of)

I looked down on my walk with Esme and there it was - looking for all the world like a piece of circuitboard or other man-made item. The first thing I did was turn it over expecting it to be a piece of plastic - but it is chert rock from our driveway. Mark also turned it all over in his hands when I gave it to him - and said 'what in the world - that is worth a picture!' What would you call it, a naturally occurring piece of conundrum? *ducks down before the shoes start flying through the air*. I swear there is a near perfect question mark in there, to top it all off.

My partners in crime, in all their puppyness.

I feel like the day is very early outside - but there is not much I can get done with that time. There are things I can do, of course, but they are not 'big' things... I guess sometimes it is the little things that build together.

Things I would like to get done sometime soon:'
Decide where and plant some more flowers. I saw purple tulips today that spoke to me. Start the tomato seeds for the black prince - the only one we have to start. Make Grandma a simple plank bench in her back yard - hers has fallen to bits. -- I have not mentioned this to her, but consider this a reccommendation? :)

Things I will get done or close to done today:
Sew Esme's sweater together - if there is enough yarn (there was not :(
Wash the towels.
Pick up some toys off of my desk which is swamped in them.
Give Esme a bath. She is filthy from running around outside!

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